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Feb 18, 2011

MEC Study: 2011 ICC World Cup will beat 2007, lose to 2003

India the big winner

MEC Study: 2011 ICC World Cup will beat 2007, lose to 2003

Media specialist agency MEC, a part of GroupM has completed an authoritative study of the forthcoming ICC World Cup and IPL 4. The study will help marketers and brand managers understand the likely dynamics of various matches and scenarios and, consequently, make investments based on more informed decisions. 

We share some of the estimations here, while the detailed study will be available next week to all on the Campaign India subscription list as a special, printed supplement. 

The study was conducted in 10 cities (Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkatta, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Chandigarh, Jaipur and Cochin) with a total sample of 900. The study was in the form of face to face interviews conducted between 15th -22nd  Jan 2011. The consumer research findings along with historical cricket viewership trends were used to build a general linear model to estimate the 2011 World Cup ratings. MEC has partnered with WPP’s Meritus in arriving at the ratings estimates. 

T Gangadhar (L), Shubha George (R)

Speaking on the study, Shubha George, COO, MEC, South Asia, said, “MEC pioneered ratings estimation of big ticket television events with the IPL 2.  We were reasonably accurate in IPL2 and BINGO in IPL 3.  This year, whether you view it as a year of a cricket bonanza or overkill, it is extremely important for the industry to have a well-informed view of what to expect.  MEC’s analytics expertise makes this possible and we are proud of our continuing success with such initiatives”

 “Considering these two marquee events are happening back to back and will mop up nearly 20% of the TV AdEx, some gnashing of marketing teeth is inevitable in the coming weeks. Hopefully, this study will answer some of the pressing questions advertisers might have”, added T Gangadhar, MD, MEC India. 

The study finds that:

  • Indians see the World Cup as International, Powerful and Competitive while they view the  IPL as Friendly and Relaxed          
  • Indians don’t seem to tire of cricket and are enthusiastic to watch both tournaments
  • Expectations are riding high on India with 80% Indians believing India will make the ICC World Cup finals          
  • 40% think it will be India-Australia in the finals  

Other highlights of the ICC World Cup (wherever TVRs are mentioned, please read as TAM, 15yrs+, SEC ABC, CS homes):      

  • The league matches will average 2.4%, 14% higher than 2007 and 43% lower than 2003    
  • Because of the increased C&S base, the 2.4 TVR of 2011 translates to 2.5 mn viewers in TAM markets in absolute terms, which is 1 mn more than the absolute of 2003.      
  • The India-South Africa tie on March 12 is expected to be the most viewed match,  delivering 12.7 TVR (%), while  the India- England match will deleiver 11.4 TVR (%).      
  • India matches, at 9.3% will be higher than the league average by almost 4 times (League matches TVR - 2011 estimate: Average – 2.4)      
  • Countries in India’s group will  benefit      
  • Pakistan, Australia and Sri Lanka are  the teams that will be followed despite not playing India in the league 

That’s just a taste of the nuggets that the study holds for you. Much, much, more in the special supplement which will be available with the next issue of Campaign India. 

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