Nov 28, 2023

A fabricated account of how judging the humour category in Cannes could play out

The author imagines what it will be like to judge the 'Humour in branded communications' category at Cannes next year

Nov 28, 2023

Raymond: From 'the complete man' to an 'incomplete' man?

SOUNDING BOARD: Experts weigh in on whether Raymond, a brand that has long been associated with 'The Complete Man' tagline, will take a beating amid the latest family wrangle playing out between its MD and chairperson Gautam Singhania and his wife, Nawaz Modi Singhania

Nov 24, 2023

Opinion: Journalists and PR people don’t have to be friends, but we rely on each other

Reporters may not always be your friend, but it doesn't mean they're your enemy either, opines the author

Nov 09, 2023

The dark side of AI: When 'seeing' is not 'believing'

SOUNDING BOARD: Experts weigh in on the risks associated with the rise of AI tech such as deepfake after the deepfake viral video of actor Rashmika Mandanna and centre's response to it

Nov 03, 2023

Ajay's blog: The SUV market in India just got a lot more interesting...

Maruti Suzuki's film during the ICC Men's ODI World Cup gives the author an answer to a question that he's been looking for answers to...

Nov 02, 2023

Opinion: Cracking the code - strategies for businesses in tier two and three markets in India

As tier two and three towns are expected to contribute 50% of the total sales for e-commerce brands by 2030, the author lists effective marketing strategies for running businesses

Nov 01, 2023

Opinion: The creepers, stalkers, lurkers and ghosters - social media has gotten spooky

The performative nature of social participation today can be compared to a cheesy, straight-to-streaming horror movie – either you're acting or you're watching

Oct 05, 2023

Sandeep Goyal's blog: Dear ASCI, stay vigilant

While the IPL was relatively free of surrogate advertising, the long list of ICC and Disney Star sponsors has various liquor brands among them and so the author urges ASCI to stay vigilant

Sep 14, 2023

Opinion: Smart TVs, streaming and advertising - how the web has transformed TV

Advertisers taking advantage of the benefits CTV offers are likely to be rewarded by their audiences, explains the author

Sep 13, 2023

Opinion: Amazon sent King Mahabali with a big box of goodies

While the monsoon deficit in some parts of the country is worrying, the Onam cheers have marketers looking to sound the bellwether heading northward, explains the author

Sep 07, 2023

Ajay Gupte lists five areas the industry needs to focus on to drive consistent value

Wavemaker's South Asia CEO shares what he would like to see changed or tackled next in the Indian advertising industry

Sep 06, 2023

Raj's blog: AI and that nerdy brown kid

The author wonders whether India can be the country that takes away the creamiest part of the AI cake

Sep 01, 2023

Unleashing innovation and purposeful creativity for growth: Anupriya Acharya

Anupriya Acharya, chief executive officer, Publicis Groupe South Asia, kicks off a series in which we're asking industry stalwarts to share what they'd like to see changed or tackled next in the Indian advertising industry

Aug 31, 2023

Shavon's blog: Hello boys, do you plan to grow up?

Why is it so difficult to break the barriers, diminish the pay gap and judge only on meritocracy, asks the author

Aug 29, 2023

Dave Trott's blog: Who are we fooling?

With an example of tobacco companies using filters, the author asks who is brand purpose really for

Aug 14, 2023

Opinion: Twitter vs Threads - what brand communicators need to know

The faceoff in the brand communication industry only underscores the importance of defining clear goals and choosing the right approach, says the author

Aug 04, 2023

Opinion: If you don't want to be replaced by a machine, stop acting like one

The author wants humans to think critically, challenge opinions, defy norms, break rules, do something silly, take the longer route, and marvel at the mundane

Jul 28, 2023

Weekend Laugh: Producer's Diary by Dalbir Singh

Dalbir Singh of Kiss Films puts together cartoon sketches around the advertising industry

Jul 20, 2023

Opinion: Marketers are too complacent about the cookie apocalypse - what needs to happen now?

Much has been said, discussed and written about the internet’s ‘cookieless future’ and what marketers need to be prepared for. So, why are they still not prepared for a world without cookies, asks the author

Jul 14, 2023

Opinion: The truth about brands

While brands are trying multiple channels to connect with consumers, with our lives, emotions and growing needs, the most synergistic connections will win, thrive, and evolve with time, explains the author