Brittaney Kiefer
Feb 04, 2016

Super Bowl 2016 ads

Regulars such as Budweiser will again make an appearance, but there will also be first-time Super Bowl advertisers like Amazon and Kia

Super Bowl 2016 ads
As the Super Bowl marks its 50th anniversary this year, the stakes are even higher for advertisers with a record price tag of $5 million (£3.5 million) per 30-second spot. Stalwarts such as Budweiser will again make an appearance during the big game, but there will also be new offerings from first-time Super Bowl advertisers like Amazon and Kia.
Campaign rounds up some of the best ads from brands that have already kicked off their Super Bowl campaigns.


After a one-year hiatus, Honda is returning to the Super Bowl with a commercial featuring sheep singing the Queen classic "Somebody to love". The ad is for the 2017 Ridgeline truck.


Wiener dogs gallop towards a lineup of ketchups, mustard and other condiments in this Heinz ad, which marks the beginning of a new campaign called "meet the ketchups".


The tech giant is using its first-ever Super Bowl spot to promote Echo, its wireless speaker and voice command device. The campaign stars Alec Baldwin and Dan Marino, the former NFL quarterback, who are planning an epic game day party.


Ridley Scott and son Jake Scott created the first Super Bowl ad for LG, which revolves around the new LG G6 OLED 4K televisions. Actor Liam Neeson warns a young man that "there is a revolution coming" and "the future, it must be protected."

Bud Light

The longstanding Super Bowl advertiser has recruited Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen for its commercial, which will feature the "Bud Light Party". The campaign, which is the first work from the brand’s new agency Wieden & Kennedy, will run throughout the political season with a new tagline, "Raise one to right now."


Actor Christopher Walken surprises a man in a walk-in closet in this video created by David&Goliath. A 60-second version of the ad, the auto brand’s seventh consecutive Super Bowl spot, will air during the game.



Marilyn Monroe sings happy birthday to the Super Bowl, which turns 50 this year, in this ad by BBDO New York. But in line with the brand’s tagline "You’re not you when you’re hungry," Monroe’s voice is a little… off.


Colgate takes a serious tone in its Super Bowl ad, reminding people to conserve water. The film says people waste up to four gallons of water when brushing their teeth, which is "more water than many people around the world have in a week."


To celebrate 20 years of the brand, Pokémon’s 2016 Super Bowl spot shows a boy running over a mountain and inspiring other people to achieve great feats.


Doritos is asking people to vote on the best ad for its Super Bowl slot. In this one, a pregnant woman is exasperated as her partner eats crisps during her ultrasound.

Po, the protagonist of the Kung Fu Panda animated movies, fronts a new global ad for the DIY web site publishing platform. Po compares his web site with viewers’ existing sites, which he describes as "older than leftover noodles".

Quicken Loans

Quicken Loans, the largest online mortage lender in the US, is releasing its first Super Bowl ad this year. Created by Fallon, it will air before the half-time show and show the effect of new home purchases on the economy.

Avocados From Mexico

This is the second time Avocados From Mexico will advertise during the Super Bowl, which is a popular day for guacamole. In the spot, aliens tour an Earth museum that contains artefacts including emojis, chia pets, and the American actor Scott Baio.

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