super bowl

Apr 12, 2021

Raahil's blog: Will Cred help the IPL become the Super Bowl of Indian advertising?

As brands like Cred and Dream11's IPL campaigns go viral, the IPL may be at the cusp of becoming India's very own Super Bowl

Mar 11, 2021

Adland should stop trying to save the world and start selling

It's time adland returned to its raison d'être. That’s according to the author and creative director Steve Harrison, who argues agencies must rediscover their commercial purpose in order to play their part in the post-pandemic economic recovery and reclaim the respect of the boardroom

Feb 04, 2019

Hulu hijacks Instagram's World Record Egg to push live TV for Super Bowl

The latest post means the end of a mammoth underground race to become the first to monetise the account.

Feb 09, 2017

Weekend Watch: Mr Clean, cleaner of your dreams

Watch the film conceptualised by Leo Burnett Canada here

Feb 04, 2016

Super Bowl 2016 ads

Regulars such as Budweiser will again make an appearance, but there will also be first-time Super Bowl advertisers like Amazon and Kia

Feb 06, 2014

Porn and the Super Bowl

If advertising were a porn film, then the Super Bowl would be the ‘money shot’. Literally.