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Dec 08, 2021

Year-ender 2021: 'AI solutions will start becoming mainstream in 2022' – Apurva Chamaria

We ask industry leaders for their learnings from 2021, and an outrageous prediction for the year to come

Apurva Chamaria
Apurva Chamaria

Campaign India is ending the year by asking industry leaders about what this year taught them and an outrageous prediction for 2022. 

Here's what Apurva Chamaria,  as head partnership solutions, startups and venture capital, Google India, had to say:

Your stand-out moment or learning from 2021?
We are currently in the end (hopefully) of a pandemic that has changed our lives beyond recognition. Billions of people were in lockdown, unable to visit one another, unable go to work, unable to attend schools and colleges or meet loved ones, unable to meet one another in public places. People around the world were in a tough spot, struggling at home and ICU’s (if they were fortunate enough to get access to medical facilities which were scarce), dying listless with no closure, separated from their loved ones in their hours of need. At times of mortal danger, all of us instinctively desire to be close to our family and friends, hold their hands and embrace them – but now we were suddenly forbidden to do so, for every act of physical contact – every expression of physical loving-kindness and compassion – could bring illness and death. My family and me also lost people close to us due to Covid-19 and due to mental illness which got aggravated due to lack of in-person human interaction as people had stopped meeting each other taking precautions during the peak of Covid-19.
The world was confronted with the true uncertainty of human existence and vulnerability of human life. How often have so many of us believed that we are supreme masters of the world around us? The world was brought face-to-face with the most eternal questions of life worth pondering on. What are we truly here for? What have we done with our lives? What do we yet wish to do if given the opportunity? Who is truly important on our lives? What is it that we truly cherish? The pandemic leads us to some painful insights: If we know who is truly important to us and what we truly cherish, then why have we spent so little of our lives pursuing these things? And instead chasing ephemeral joys which are transcendental in nature.
This pandemic showed us how terrible it really is to waste our lives, embroiled in endless battles for wealth, status and power. How sad it really is not to recognise the value in the people around us – not just our family and friends, not just colleagues and fellow citizens, but also complete strangers. How terrible it is not to give our lives meaning – every hour of every day – by spending time making the world a better place and creating hope for people around us?
It shows us the importance of recognising the true purpose of all our businesses and economies, our political parties and governments, our local civic associations and international bodies, our laws and ideologies are to serve humanity’s needs and purposes. The needs and purposes not just of individuals, but of societies and the world across man-made boundaries, in pursuit of not just our happiness (apologies to Gabriele Muccino), self-interested payoffs, but in pursuit of all our overarching communitarian goals that are beyond religious and cultural aspirations.
As Jim Morrison said in his iconic song 'The Movie':
The program for this evening is not new
You've seen this entertainment through and through
You've seen your birth your life and death
You might recall all of the rest
Did you have a good world when you died? Enough to base a movie on?
Did you?
An outrageous prediction from 2022?
I’m not sure it’s outrageous but responsible AI solutions will start becoming mainstream in 2022, according to Forrester. Purcell says this includes technology that helps ensure that AI meets ethical requirements, that it is explainable, fair, and privacy compliant. Organisations will be looking to MLOps and modelOps to help govern, monitor, and manage artificial intelligence systems over time. To reach an AI-first state, enterprises must define an automation fabric – a framework to build, orchestrate, and govern a hybrid workforce of human and digital workers – that links AI-based and traditional automation components, along with a proactive program for innovation.
Disclaimer: Opinions expressed are solely my own and do not express the views or opinions of my employer.


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