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Apr 07, 2011

MEC bang on with ICC WC, says IPL 4 will boom

MEC has outdone themselves with their predictions for the ICC WC 2011; when advertisers and media professionals were worried about ICC WC Vs the IPL, and the ICC WC losing out, MEC’s study clearly said that the ICC WC would be very, very popular -- and they were right

MEC bang on with ICC WC, says IPL 4 will boom

The latest All India results revealed by TAM Sports: (TG:CS 4+;TVR %)

a) Final - India vs Sri Lanka - 23.21 
b) Semi Final 1 - New Zealand vs Sri Lanka - 4.32
     Semi Final 2 - India vs Pakistan - 20.98
c) Overall Tournament Ratings
     WC 2007: 2.02
     WC 2011: 3.83
Now, there’s a new bogeyman -- fatigue. Armchair experts have been making loud noises suggesting that IPL 4 would be under pressure because India has had too much cricket, and MEC’s IPL 4 study says that these ‘experts’ will be wrong.
  • With the number of matches increasing from 54 to 70 in Season 4, the overall league matches average likely to drop to a TVR of 5.0, which is a marginal 4% drop.
  • The World Cup and India’s performance have only positively impacted IPL with 28% nett increase in interest.
  • MI, CSK and KKR remain the Top 3 favorites and the average ratings of these teams will be the highest.
  • IPL continues to kindle interest, with only 10% citing fatigue
  • People claim they will watch more – both in stadia and on TV
  • Average of 18 matches were watched by each person on TV in ’10.
  • 16% went to the stadium for a match
  • 38% watched the IPL bidding Live on TV
  • Team and Player popularity the strongest factors for support
  • Mumbai Indians, Chennai Superkings and Kolkatta Knight Riders are the only 3 teams with increasing support base
  • Sachin is god of IPL too
  • ~10% people know that IPL likely to be screened on mobile, in cinemas. But, everyone wants to watch in the comfort of home
  • DLF, Vodafone, Hero Honda the top 3 associated brands
  • Sponsors who have stayed the course have gained with increasing sponsorship awareness.








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