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Apr 10, 2018

I-Com Global Summit 2018: 'Boost' market share with a 'Krispy' presentation

Mindshare’s chief product officer for South Asia, MA Parthasarathy presented the two cases for the brands from GSK and HUL

I-Com Global Summit 2018: 'Boost' market share with a 'Krispy' presentation
M A Parthasarathy, chief product officer, Mindshare South Asia delivered two case studies back-to-back for two of Mindshare’s shortlists in the ‘mobile’ category at the I-Com Global Summit 2018.
The first was for Boost, the malted beverage drink from GSK.
The brand historically used cricketers as brand ambassadors and ran TV campaigns. The challenge Mindshare and Boost faced was that the TG (8-12 year-olds) had moved away from watching TV and stopped engaging with the brand.
Boost came up with a long-format digital video series to connect with kids who were ‘light TV viewers’ and leveraged its partnership with Virat Kohli to show him train a young kid. 
Parthasarathy stated the challenge, “The content was great, but how could we target our TG was the challenge. We had the insight that children love mobile gaming, but the challenge was to target the children and not their parents as they would play games on phones owned by their parents.”
He revealed the four-step process the agency formulated. 
“We partnered with Pokkt, a mobile gaming add network to identify our TG. We tagged mobile device IDs of users who accessed kids-related gaming apps. We ratified them as our core TG. A layer of analytics and smart data was then deployed. This involved on-the-fly monitoring of repeat content consumption behavior and recording the same using ‘machine learning classification algorithm.
“We looked to minimise wastage by identifying overlapping behavior with other interest areas to make sure we weren’t targeting the parents. The targeted kids were served the videos featuring Kohli sequentially." 
The brand reached out to 60 lakh people. 60 per cent of the views, were complete views. The market share increased by 2.2 per cent from the same month a year ago and 1.8 per cent increase from the previous month in the same year.
Krispy is an On The Go entertainment app from HUL.
“The OTT platform’s target audience was people from small towns in North India and was competing with 30 OTT players which included some from big content brands and YouTube,” he said.
Mindshare had to get HUL 1,00,000 monthly active users and increase stickiness. 
On how the agency went about it, Parthasarathy said, “We launched CEREBRO – a data, insights and analytics driven content strategy. Every video watched was transformed into a vector of qualitative and quantitative parameters. We did an in-depth analysis of content that was watched on Krispy and what people watched in India. They wanted gossip about celebs. We then shortlisted 500 partners that provided content on gossip.”
He added, “We saw qualitative and quantitative statistics and gave users content pieces that were likely to be seen by the viewer to increase stickiness.”
We got 3.6 times the monthly active users we targeted and four times increase in average watch time.
(Winners of the data creativity awards at the I-Com Global Summit will be announced later today.)  
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