Apr 16, 2018

I-Com Global Summit 2018: ‘Unbiased measurement has become a major problem’

A panel discussed how data can be used in creative development

Apr 11, 2018

I-Com Global Summit 2018: Google and Facebook discuss third party data verification

Two professionals from Google and one from Facebook discussed third party data verification and the future of global measurement at the ongoing I-Com Global Summit

Apr 10, 2018

I-Com Global Summit 2018: 'Boost' market share with a 'Krispy' presentation

Mindshare’s chief product officer for South Asia, MA Parthasarathy presented the two cases for the brands from GSK and HUL

Jan 31, 2018

Blog: A little bit of influence always helps

There are no real agencies that are channelising and monetising the power of the social media influencers

Jan 04, 2018

We read all these 2018 forecasts, so you don't have to

Boiling down a pile of weighty reports from agencies yields a list of key 2018 trends and what they mean for brands: AR, AI bias, brandlessness, blockchain, the end of typing, much more.

Nov 30, 2017

The young and dissatisfied: Hansa Cequity report on CX

Are you geared up for the customer experience challenge in 2018 and beyond? Excerpts from a Hansa Cequity study