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May 15, 2024

Truth be told: How India's Gen Z is handling the ...

A recent survey by The 23 Watt reveals concerning trends: Fake news is widespread, and 91% of Gen Z in the capital region believe it can influence voting decisions.

May 13, 2024

Moment marketing: Get it wrong, and the moment is gone

SOUNDING BOARD: When it comes to jumping on viral trends, cultural moments, and tapping the zeitgeist, how should brands choose their moment? And what happens if you pick the wrong one? Campaign asks industry experts.

May 06, 2024

The changing face of political ad campaigns in India

From the era of booming TV ads to flooding social media in 2024, digital has completely reshaped the way in which political parties are approaching elections in India. Campaign speaks to industry experts to find out how and why.

May 02, 2024

MDH and Everest continue to face brand scrutiny as ...

Following concerns in Hong Kong and Singapore, Australia and the US are now also investigating MDH and Everest Spices for suspected pesticide residues in their products, potentially leading to recalls.

Apr 25, 2024

Breaking down the latest developments from ...

Patanjali Ayurved continues to faces rigorous scrutiny from the Supreme Court over misleading advertisements, with the case underscoring the vital need for strict regulatory oversight in health-related advertising in India.

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