BCCI and Sahara India smoke the peace pipe

Sahara returns as Team India sponsor; Pune Warriors to play in IPL

BCCI and Sahara India smoke the peace pipe

The BCCI and Sahara India have reached a compromise after a series of hectic negotiations over the past few days. This paves the way for Pune Warriors' participation in the fifth edition of the IPL. Sahara, which had severed ties with the Board and had also withdrawn the Team India sponsorship on 4 February, will return as a sponsor following the truce which brought an end to the 12-day stalemate.

Thanking senior officials from BCCI for their initiative in resolving the issue, Subrata Roy Sahara, managing worker and chairman, Sahara India Pariwar, said, "I genuinely convey my thanks to Shri N. Srinivasan ji, Shri Arun Jaitley ji, Shri Sanjay Jagdale ji, Shri Rajiv Shukla ji, Shri Ajay Shirke ji and Shri Sundar Raman ji. The emotional initiative by Shri Shashank Manohar ji is highly appreciated. With all his positivity, Shri Shahrukh Khan ji motivated everybody by going out of his way, in the interest of IPL and Cricket."

Though BCCI has agreed to several requests from the Group, Roy observed that one request of theirs is not included in it, and added, "BCCI has definitely given us very positive assurance for looking into the matter seriously in the near future."

Elaborating on the contentious point, he explained, "Viewers’ interest and their point of view should be given highest priority. Viewers should enjoy each and every match preferably with a thrilling finish in the last over. That is only possible when all the teams are well balanced. Even two weak teams can start defusing the charm of IPL. So there should be a perfect level playing field. We have strongly requested to go for an open auction without any kind of retention. Due to the policy of retention, a disparity in the player ability and corresponding payment structure is created. I genuinely appreciate BCCI, seeing their positive response and attitude, they have said that they would take up the issue seriously in the near future."

According to the joint statement, BCCI took note of the various requests of Sahara and has agreed to the following:

1. To extend the trading window, which was due to close on Friday 17 February, until Wednesday 29 February 2012 to give Pune Warriors India the opportunity to have successful negotiations with other franchises as it looks to strengthen its squad.
2. Re-activation of the Auction Purse of Pune Warriors India so that it can take a number of players, subject to the squad composition regulations.
3. BCCI and Sahara agree to start the arbitration proceedings initiated by Sahara through appointment of an arbitrator to address Sahara’s claim for a reduction in franchise fee for 74 matches.
4. BCCI does not have any issues with Sahara seeking a strategic partner in the Pune Warriors India franchise, subject to terms of the Franchise Agreement.
5. In respect of their request to sign overseas players who were not included in the Auction Register, subject to the relevant player regulations, BCCI agrees to the request subject to the views of all other franchises
6. Sahara has requested for one of the play off matches scheduled to be played in Bengaluru to be played in Pune. The right to host the Play Off matches is awarded to the finalists from previous edition, in this case Royal Challengers Bangalore. BCCI is in principle agreeable to hold one of the Play Offs in the new Pune stadium subject to the consent of RCB.
7. Sahara has requested to furnish the Bank Guarantee against the Franchisee fee in two installments; BCCI will consider it at the next available opportunity.

8. Notwithstanding the recent working committee's decision of rejecting five foreign players in the playing XI, in consideration of the exceptional circumstance and the non-availability of Yuvraj Singh, Sahara has offered to obtain the consent of all the franchises for the submission to the BCCI. 

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