Volkswagen takes the humorous route to showcase the power of a Polo

Watch the ad films conceptualised by DDB Mudra here

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Volkswagen has rolled out the second phase of the campaign for its new Polo. The films conceptualised by DDB Mudra are laced with humour as they poke fun of Indian tardiness, the forgetful spouse and the lusting social media stalker.

One of the films begins with a boy sitting down in front of the TV with a boy of pizza to watch a cricket match. Just as he is about to begin eating, he is interrupted by a phone call from his girl friend, who has been waiting for him at the cinema. Frustrated, she begins to complain about how she always has to wait for the man. Panicked, the boy picks up the car keys and the next moment he is seen interrupting her rant by offering her pizza.

Another film begins with a tired husband entering his house after work. He is surprised to see the house decorated with candles and his wife dressed very elegantly. As the wife gets up and wishes him happy anniversary, gift in hand, the man remembers that it’s his anniversary. Pretending that he has left the wife’s gift down in the car, the husband quickly runs out of the house, key in hand. He then goes on to get into the car and drive away to look for a gift. He is then seen reentering the house moments later, gift in hand while the wife is none the wiser.

The third film begins with two girls talking on the phone about a young man they find very attractive. As the conversation goes on, their computers ping as the man’s social media profile is updated, to show him as single. As the girls start to shout in excitement, the computer pings again to show that the man has checked into a local restaurant. As one girl goes silent to the calls of the other girl , the film cuts to a shot of her at the restaurant as she goes up and starts to talk to the man.

The last two films (above) end with a shot of someone getting into the new VW polo as the voiceover talks about the new powerful engine.

Rahul Mathew, creative head, Mudra West said, “Car advertising has seldom taken power out of the hands of secret agents and rich playboys. But VW doesn’t make promises only for these privileged few. So, even something as explosive as power has a very relevant role in the everyday and that’s just what we sought to capture in our communication for the new Polo.”

View the print campaign here

Client: Volkswagen
Agency: DDB Mudra
Chairman and CCO: Sonal Dabral
Member of Strategic Planning Council, DDB Mudra Group and National Planning Head, DDB Mudra Group: Aditya Kanthy
Creative head (West): Rahul Mathew
Executive creative director: Manish Darji
Group creative director: Ferzad Variyava
Senior vice president: Anurag Tandon
Creative directors: Ashish Kharwatkar, Mandar Khatkul & Shagun Seda
Creative team: Ashish Kharwatkar, Mandar Khatkul, Shagun Seda, Prashant Kalipurayath, Pashyn Sethna, Sivaram Subramaniam and Dhrupal Mehta
Director (brand communications): Rakesh Varma
Account management team: Aaron D'souza & Rewis D'souza
Agency executive producers: Achyutanand Dwivedi & Vishal Agarwala
Account planning: Mou Roy, Pritish Mukherjee, Deboleena Chatterjee
Production house: Like-Minded People
Director: Piyush Raghani


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