‘You can always create demand in the regional market with your programming’

Q&A with Markand Adhikari, executive vice-chairman and MD, Sri Adhikari Bros Television Network, on the launch of Marathi music and humour channel MaiBoli

Aug 20, 2013 01:52:00 PM | Article | Ananya Saha

Sri Adhikari Brothers Television Network has launched Maiboli, a Marathi music and humour channel. The channel went on air on 8 August. Campaign India spoke with Markand Adhikari, executive vice-chairman and MD, Sri Adhikari Bros Television Network,on the thought behind MaiBoli’s launch and other brands from the stable.

What was the thought behind launching the channel?

We are looking at expanding our channel base in regional markets. After the success of Mastiii, we thought of launching regional channel in the music and humour category. The GEC space in Marathi market is already saturated, and hence, the foray in this space. The channel will focus on expanding its base across Maharashtra over the next few weeks.

After Dabangg and Dhamaal, this is your third regional channel. Is it a strategy to expand only in regional markets?

Expanding our channels in regional markets is as per our business plans. We are also looking at other regional markets but not immediately.

What is the TG of Maiboli?

The channel’s TG is 4+ years.

How are the advertisers responding?

Once audience comes in, advertisers will come too.  Maharashtra is the biggest market, growth wise, after South. I am confident that the channel will succeed due to his niche and unique content. You can always create demand in regional market with your programming.

Has marketing and promotion for Maiboli begun?

We are only looking at outdoor media and digital media, which started from today (19 August). We are not looking at print but will be rolling out a TVC later on.

Are you planning any other regional forays with other Sri Adhikari Bros brands?

We just launched our magazine, Governance Now, in Hindi. The magazine will be launched in Marathi in September.