Creative critique from a gender lens: 14-18 March

Dr AL Sharada, director, Population First, reviews a selection of ads from last week

Mar 24, 2022 08:34:00 PM | Article | Dr AL Sharada

What worked:


Be prepared, brides para jumping into the marriage venues from incomplete bridal finery may be the new norm in the future. The ad scores on two points: 


1. It shows the bride and not the groom making the surprise entry.

2. It uses para jumping and not the traditional means such as 'gaadi' (car) and 'ghodi' (horse).


It, however, still promotes expensive and lavish weddings. 


Gender Sensitivity Score (GSS): 3.75/5


What didn't work:



The ad takes one step forward by showing the wife and the daughter being equally excited about buying the car and participating in the decision making. But takes two steps backwards by showing the keys being handed over to the man and not to the woman. Unconscious bias?


GSS: 2.75/5


Dixcy Scott

The ad relies on the objectification of the male body and does not make sense. 


GSS: 2/5


Other films from last week:



GSS: 3/5



GSS: 2.75/5



GSS: 3/5



GSS: 3/5



GSS: 3/5



GSS: 3/5



GSS: 3/5