Noel D'souza
May 31, 2023

Being a responsible member of society remains a critical aspect of brand-building: Rajashree R

The chief marketing officer of TCS, highlights the significance of innovation, employee engagement, and societal impact in the life cycle of branding at Interbrand's Best Indian Brands 2023 summit

Being a responsible member of society remains a critical aspect of brand-building: Rajashree R
Rajashree R, chief marketing officer, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), provided insights into the multinational company's global approach and how they aim to stay rooted in their business values, at an event hosted by Interbrand in Mumbai.
Be global, think Indian
Rajashree started her session by saying that TCS' aim is to emphasise innovation, employee engagement, and societal impact.
She said, "Our focus is India as it has a large market share here. Having said that 95% of our business revenue is generated overseas. Thus, we aim to establish ourselves as a global brand while maintaining our core business values developed in India at the same time."
Rajashree went on to shed light on the strategies and principles that have driven TCS's success in the ever-evolving business landscape.
She explained, “TCS is an amalgamation of both global and Indian influences. We have recognised the need to maintain a competitive edge, and have cultivated the need of building a significant share of voice in the global market.”
Rajashree pegged technology as the driving force behind making businesses' and consumers' lives better. She emphasised, “With the evolving technology and in its benefits our aim is to focus on being a direct-to-consumer (D2C) brand. Effective brand messaging, consistent brand language, and various communication methods to connect with the target audience are key for a brand to scale.”
Look within the organisation
At the core of TCS' brand-building journey lies its purpose of fostering innovation and collective knowledge pointed out Rajshree.
“We aligned our company's business purpose with the values of its employees instead of having blanket core values. We placed great emphasis on creativity as a key value to shape the TCS brand,” she remarked.
Along with its commitment to making a meaningful difference for customers through technology-based offerings, TCS has developed a distinctive visual and verbal brand identity.
Rajashree shared, “The company's choice of the colour pink and the humanisation of its brand messaging further exemplify our commitment to innovation and customer-centricity.”
Scale and reach are crucial aspects for any brand, and TCS has leveraged internal resources to create 70% of its content informed Rajashree. She added that social media plays a vital role in targeting customer engagement and expanding its audience base.
Another vantage point for the brand is sports sponsorships. Rajashree shared, “TCS sponsors 13 global marathon events such as the TCS London marathon and the TCS New York City marathon. These partnerships have helped the brand establish connections at a grassroot level as it lets the consumer participate with the brand instead of just being a spectator like other sports."
The role of digital marketing
Rajashree emphasised the pivotal role of digital marketing in connecting with audiences, using targeted strategies to reach specific customer segments.
“Businesses need to realise that the effective and authentic brand advocates are the ones within the organisation. The need of the hour is to leverage and hone communications within the company. At TCS too, we acknowledge the importance of our employees as brand ambassadors, fostering a sense of unity through various events and initiatives under the 'One TCS' umbrella,” she expressed.
MarTech (marketing technology) emerged as a key growth enabler for TCS, as Rajashree advocated for automation, in-house digital studios, and production and editing crews within organisations.
Signing off, she said, “Marketing builds brands, but a brand's success relies on profitability, a deep connection with core consumers, strong employee relationships, and positive work culture. Ultimately, being a responsible member of society remains a critical aspect of brand-building.”
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