Relaxo Hawaii banks on Salman Khan and humour to showcase strength

WATCH the TVC created by Arms Communications here

Jul 24, 2012 12:57:00 PM | Video | Raahil Chopra

Relaxo's slipper brand, 'Hawaii' has released its first TVC following the appointment of Salman Khan as brand ambassador. The TVC created by Arms Communications shows the mazbooti (strength) of the product.

The TVC shows Khan rescuing three girls from life-threatening situations. The first girl is shown drowning in the sea. Khan, relaxing on the beach, puts on his Hawaii slippers and walks through the water to save her. A second situation shows a girl hanging onto a building on fire. Khan climbs the building (with his slippers on) and manages to rescue the girl. The third girl is shown rolling down an icy peak. On this occasion, Khan's slippers play the hero, as the girl clings onto the slippers and stops rolling. All three situations depicted in the film seem unrealistic: Khan acknowledges this, saying, 'Yeh thodaa zyada ho gaya. Lekin Relaxo Hawaii hai mazboot. Main pehenta hoon.'

Commenting on the film and the association with Salman Khan, Gaurav Dua, executive director, Relaxo Footwears, said, “Hawaii has always been on the forefront to provide the comfort and ease in daily wear for the masses. Through this new commercial, we bring to light, the strength and toughness aspects of Hawaii slippers. And what better way to promote this strong USP than having Salman Khan endorse our product? Salman, the heartthrob of India, depicts strength, attitude and style, thus making him the perfect blend for being the brand ambassador of Hawaii slippers. We are extremely happy to associate with him and we hope this tie strengthens our bond with our customers."

The film went on air on 21 July.

Agency: Arms Communications
Industry: Footwear
Brand: Relaxo Hawaii