Reebok Delta celebrates with 'Freak Show'; asks people to 'Be More Human'

Watch the film conceptualised by Venables Bell & Partners here

Feb 05, 2015 09:46:00 AM | Video | Campaign India Team

Reebok has rolled out an ad film entitled, ‘Freak Show’ as part of their 'Be More Human' campaign. The global film was launched on 3 February and was conceptualised by Venables Bell & Partners.

The campaign is the embodiment of the brand’s new symbol, the Reebok Delta. The three sides represent the physical, mental and social change that comes through living a fitness lifestyle.

 The film is a rally cry for people to live up to your full potential. The film begins with the narrator questioning the weird, obsessive, fanatic and extreme lifestyle lead by some people. He goes on to reason that people need to be all these things in order to be willing to put your body through hell everyday and be better people. Referencing the human spirit, the narrator outlines the advantages of leading a fit lifestyle.

Visually, the film shows a montage of people taking part in vigorous and  extreme sports and exercise. There are shots of ‘strong men’, extreme marathoners, gymnasts and people conditioning their bodies through cross fit, amongst other things. The film cuts between shots of these people in extreme setting followed by them participating in everyday life. The film ends with a woman jumping over a fire as the words, 'Be more Human' flash across the screen.

 Matt O’Toole, brand president, Reebok, said, “Reebok believes that by pushing ourselves to the brink and testing our limitations, we have the power to transform ourselves not only physically but also mentally and socially. By adopting such a lifestyle, you find yourself in a community of people, joined together by a common purpose – to be better versions of themselves. We’re confident that when we push ourselves, we not only transform our bodies, we transform our entire lives.”

 Yan Martin, vice president, global brand communications, Reebok added, “There’s a new breed of athlete. These are everyday people, and these athletes should also be regarded as role models. For these individuals, the achievement comes from the realization that they are transforming their lives through fitness, and in the process they’re transforming the lives of their communities. We acknowledge and salute these new athletes who challenge themselves daily in search of greater rewards.”

 The brand film titled 'Freak Show' is available at with a 60 second edit.

Client: Reebok
Creative agency: Venables Bell & Partners