Only Vimal wears an ‘Unformal’ attitude

Scarecrow, Convonix partner to drive people to ‘Tie Burning Parties’ on 23 August

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Only Vimal, the textile brand from Reliance Industries, has undergone a makeover in a bid to connect with young Indian consumers. A new collection has been launched with a ‘Be Unformal’ campaign, which was preceded by ‘No Tie Day’ promotions on digital platforms.

For the campaign, Scarecrow Communications handled the creative, Convonix handled digital activation and Go Bananas managed the ground events.

Eight videos were released online urging people to discard ties and join ‘Tie Burning Parties’ in nine cities on 23 August, which was positioned as ‘No Tie Day’. The teaser campaign was supported by radio, print and on-ground promotions in select cities.

India’s first tie-burning party

Official ‘No Tie Day’ anthem: The ‘anthem’ is being promoted on radio, and also been converted into a music video featuring a tie-burning party.

While these video titles were used for the shock factor to make viewers think people were killing themselves, the videos reveal that they were actually killing ties.

Suicide attempt inside cabin

Suicide attempt inside washroom

Another set of ‘Ghosts wearing ties’ videos were released as teasers, gathering a lot of mixed reviews from the audience. They were revealed to be a promotion of the ‘No Tie Day’ days before the actual events.

Ghost wearing tie captured on Marine Drive - CCTV

Ghost wearing tie spotted at a Gurgaon - Corporate Office

Ghost wearing tie spotted at Churchgate - Subway

Ghost wearing tie spotted in Kolkata

On the campaign brief, Manish Bhatt, founder director, Scarecrow Communications, said, “We designed the campaign with the theme of ‘Be Unformal’, because it is an attitude that today's young Indian trendsetter seeking change believes in.  It is a crusade against boring formal wear and introduces a new way of dressing up in the corporate world.”

Digital, radio and print were the primary mediums used for the teaser and launch, while television might be a part of the second phase of the campaign, informed Bhatt.

On the creation of a new property ‘No Tie Day’, Bhatt explained, “To make communication truly impactful, there needs to be a symbolic, powerful and engaging demonstration that ensures the target audience is part of the change. Which is why, we created a new property.”

Micro-site has been positioned as the centre-point of all ‘No Tie Day’ activities online. A Facebook app called ‘Tie Obituary Contest’ was created, where people could write a fun obituary for ties and celebrate their demise. ‘Tie Collection Vans’ will visit corporate parks and engage people in playing ‘tie-killing’ games.

A cool game for tie-haters!


Creative agency : Scarecrow Communications
Scarecrow creative team: Manish Bhatt, Raghu Bhat, Sarvesh Raikar, Kapil Tammal, Diana D'souza, Nikhil Kerkar, Lalit Sakurkar
Scarecrow account management team:  Arunava Sengupta, Amitabh Sreedharan, Riddhi Gandhi, Meera Shah, Amruta Tendolkar
Only Vimal brand team: Anand M Parekh, Rajiv Pal, Rakesh Khattar, Shweta Patel
Digital agency: Convonix
Ground events and activation agency: Go Bananas
Go Bananas team: Khantil Mehta, Nishit Shah and Mihir Ranpara



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