Campaign India Team
May 07, 2015

Click your feet sans shoes and share, to gift a pair

The initiative concludes on 21 May

The 'One Day without shoes' campaign, running from 5 to 21 May, requires participants to go barefeet for a day and post a barefoot picture on Instagram. For every such picture posted, the company will provide, via a 'Giving Partner', a new pair of locally manufactured shoes to poverty-stricken children across 70 developing countries.
NGO The Magic Bus is the brand's 'Giving Partner' in India.
The initiative was launched to raise awareness about podoconiosis, swelling of foot and leg due to irritant soil found in certain countries.
Where 'One for One' required a purchase to be made, the 'One Day Without Shoes' campaign poses no such prerequisite. The initiative is the brand's effort to encourage children to go to school and to generate employment.  
The initiative allows one photo per person and a total cap of 1 million pairs of shoes. 
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