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Jan 07, 2014

Cadbury Gems Surprise takes ‘ageless’ proposition further, for colour-changing panda toys

Watch the ad film created by Ogilvy & Mather

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Cadbury India has released a new campaign for its Gems Surprise packs with toys inside. A film created by Ogilvy & Mather went on air on 1 January and is part of the ‘Raho umarless’ series.

Two old men and women (their mothers, as is revealed later), are seated in a living room. The men have had a fight but have patched up. The lady of the house says it’s good that they are friends again. Addressing the other lady, she says that it was good that they did not get into the fight of ‘these kids’. Sonia agrees and asks the men what was so special about the detective panda, that they had to fight over it. One of the men responds that she would never understand. The mothers insist that the men should make them understand. Irritated by their mocking laughter, the male host asks his mother if the water before them was cold. She replies in the positive, and he goes on to put the toy (detective panda) in the glass of water. It changes colour to pink. Filled with envy, Sonia and her son look at each other. A hand with the detective panda toy is shown punching through the wall - the visitors jump through the wall, escaping with the toy. The voice over and super convey the message: ‘No umar for lalach. New colour changing pandas Cadbury Gems Surprise ke saath. Raho umarless.” (No age limit for greed. New colour changing pandas with Cadbury Gems Surprise. Stay ageless.)

Manoj Shettty, group creative director,  Ogilvy & Mather, said, "Gems Surprise is a peculiar offering. It’s Gems with a surprise toy inside. Usually, we communicate the offering taking Gems’ core values into consideration. Which means, we usually find a quirky, playful way to explain the current range of toys that come free with Gems."

He added, "Such offers are usually easy to explain. But we chose to make the task more challenging by adding a thematic expectation from the communication. So while the offer was being successfully communicated, we wanted the brand also, to grow a little more, in the consumer’s consciousness. In this case we brought back the cast from the previous Gems Surprise commercial – with their mothers! So the ‘Surprise’ was communicated in the quirky ‘Umarless’ way."


Client: Cadbury India

Brand: Gems Surprise

Creative agency: Ogilvy & Mather

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