Cadbury Gems forays into NFTs

Called Junior NFT, proceeds from the sales will go into the education of underprivileged children

Jul 19, 2022 06:54:00 AM | Article | Campaign India Team

Cadbury Gems has announced the launch of its first ever NFTs (non-fungible tokens) through its campaign called Junior NFT. 
For this, the brand has associated with blockchain platform, GuardianLink, to convert art work made by children around the country into NFTs. 
It has also partnered with Save The Children, an NGO, to use the proceeds from the NFT sales towards the education of underprivileged children. 
Starting mid-July, parents will be invited to upload their child’s art directly onto the microsite. Cadbury Gems will then curate an online gallery of digital collectibles, and potential buyers will be given an opportunity to purchase these assets through fiat currency. The NFT will be stored in their wallet post every purchase. 
Anil Viswanathan, vice president - marketing, Mondelez India, said, “Digital collectibles and blockchain technology is slowly gathering pace in India and NFTs are an enabler for us to offer an immersive experience to our consumers. After the successful online Gems birthday bash, the PlayPad learning application, etc., Cadbury Gems Junior NFT campaign is yet another step towards leveraging newer platforms to create meaningful moments of joy and learning for every child and parent. With joy and purpose at the heart of everything we do, we will be hosting NFT auctions to raise funds for the education of under-privileged kids around the country. We hope our campaign works as a springboard and inspires thousands of parents focused on nurturing and contributing towards the passion of their children. We are eager to see the response and look forward to receiving support for the brand’s first NFT with a cause.”
Shekhar Banerjee, chief client officer head, West, Wavemaker India, said, “This is a complex execution especially given the low adoption of NFTs. As one WPP team we worked together with our tech partners to ensure a seamless experience for the end user & drive maximum output for the campaign – all for a cause to help the young artists harness their talent to help create a future for underprivileged kids, which is as colourful as Cadbury Gems.”
Neville Shah, senior executive creative director, Ogilvy, said, “Kids love to draw. Everywhere. The idea came from what if we could turn their urge to draw into something even more. Something that brings colour into the life of others. Launching their drawings as NFTs, it gives them a chance to flaunt their skills, sell their art and in turn, help bring a little bit of colour and masti into the life of another. The best part about the idea is that it can potentially last forever.”
Ramkumar Subramanian, CEO and co-founder, GuardianLink, said, “GuardianLink is happy to associate with Cadbury's Gems, and Mondelez for its one of a kind NFT creation. GuardianLink aims at elevating the potential of NFTs, by diversifying with brands and artists across the globe. It is also exciting to witness how brands are effectively connecting with their next generation consumers via launching curated NFT collections. This is perhaps a big leap in the timeline of setting up NFT's prominence and in making NFTs accessible to all."
Yasmin Riaz, director, Resource Mobilisation for Save the Children, India, added, “This heartwarming campaign launched by Mondelez holds great value for us since both education and psychosocial support are critical areas of Save the Children’s programmes. The activity also gives children a sense of engagement and emotional wellbeing and inspires them to contribute towards securing rights of children from marginalised communities.”
The campaign will be supported by partnerships with online platforms, influencer engagement, and strategic engagement on social media channels, including across NFT communities.