'It’s day zero of the audio revolution and it is going to get more prevalent'

Spotify's Amarjit Singh Batra and Arjun Kolady discuss the power of audio along with GroupM's Tushar Vyas

Nov 21, 2019 09:16:00 AM | Article | Campaign India Team

Amarjit Singh Batra, MD, Spotify India and Arjun Kolady, head of sales, Spotify India, discussed how brands can use audio to grow their business at an event in Mumbai on November 20.
"Hearing is believing too. People are passionate about what they’re listening to. It’s always on in the background too. People have different moods and activities but ear time is limitless,” said Batra.
He also informed that globally 57 per cent of Spotify’s users are on the free tier. He said, "These users are served ads and according to a study conducted by the streaming player, seven among 10 millennials state that advertising on Spotify makes a brand seem relevant, genuine, young, smart, trustworthy, innovative and reliable."
Arjun, head of sales, Spotify India, added, “We are seeing streaming as a category growing. Listening has doubled up since 2012. Indians are spending 21.5 hours a week on streaming (KPMG report).  A bulk of our consumers comprise of millennials and Gen Z. If the advertising experience is not in your face and as long as the creatives are done right, you can deliver the right message.”
Also at the event was Tushar Vyas, president – growth and transformation, GroupM South Asia. 
He said, “Voice is breaking boundaries in the country. It’s a leveler and is a format through which you can reach out to anyone. Whether you’re a classy or mass brand you can use it. If you look at in-home or in-car – we are talking to devices a lot more. It’s touchless. By putting together voice and data, you can deliver a lot more. Brands need to think of this too. For the population that’s not comfortable about using touch, audio will be comfortable. It’s day zero of the audio revolution and it is going to get more prevalent. So brands have a lot to think about in this space and use it.”