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Aug 27, 2010

Innocean creates a new TVC for Hyundai Verna



Innocean India Worldwide has conceptualised the latest TVC for the Hyundai Verna. The TVC, directed by Saurabh Das Gupta of Show & Tell Productions, opens with a shot of a child depressed. The reason for the depression is the encroachment of his play ground because of a five star hotel being built in the space. That’s when his father comes in and takes him for a drive in his Verna. While seated on the back seat, the child gets is shown playing on his remote control airplane too.

Commenting on the brief given by Hyundai, Ravi Manglani, Associate Account Director, Innocean Worldwide India, said, "The brief from Hyundai was to attach an aspirational value tag to the brand and to move the brand to the next level where the brand earns respect not just for of its functional benefits but emotional benefits as well. Along with announcing the Face Lift of the Car showcasing what's new in the product. Hence the communication objective was to highlight the changes in the new model effectively by Using ‘Transform’ platform to leverage the “Stylish & Sporty” imagery of the all new Verna Transform.”

Speaking about the Hyundai Verna, he added, “Till date Hyundai Verna was considered to be the most powerful car in the segment and just the functional benefits of the product were communicated, where the need emerged to communicate the emotional benefits as well, we came up with a creative breakthrough of "Dynamic by DNA". To talk about the idea of Dynamic by DNA; we say that Verna's DNA is built of Power, that got carried forward which in correlation with the Dynamism of the user (who thinks on his feet and takes decision) and the new stylish an d sporty looks of the car completes the story.”

On the TVC, Manglani added, “To narrate this story to the customers we did this TVC wherein the father after a long day’s work comes back and seeing his son unhappy because of the encroachment of his play area, takes him out on a drive which makes his son ecstatic when he flies his toy plane sitting in the car. In the film we see both of them exhibiting passion / dynamism in their own way. The father’s sensitivity and the kid’s spontaneity connect the film with its consumers."

Watch TVC here

Creative Agency: Innocean Worldwide Communications Pvt. Ltd.

National Creative Director: Mr. Saurabh Das Gupta

Production House: Show & Tell Productions Pvt. Ltd.

Director: Mr. Oni Sen

Exposure: TV, Press, Magazine, Outdoor, Internet

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