Dr AL Sharada
Sep 08, 2020

Creative Critique from a gender lens: 31 August - 5 September

Dr AL Sharada, director, Population First, reviews a selection of ads from last week

Dr Sharada reviews eight ads from the last fortnight
Dr Sharada reviews eight ads from the last fortnight
The humorous ad resonates with many who have struggled to get their houses refurbished. However, it is still a bit stereotypical in it’s presentation of the woman in hair curlers and the couple with the man being dominated by the woman
GS Score: 2.75/5
No comment.
There is total lack  of trust in media, in these times of doctored and fake news, with media is chasing TRPs and commercial interests over professional values and ethics. The ad highlights the importance of credible news and trustworthy media through a young girl talking passionately about it, thus breaking the stereotype that newspapers are generally read by men, particularly elderly men. By adding the feature of  QR codes on articles HT is bridging the generation gap by meeting the needs of both the generations. An interesting concept.
GS Score: 4/5
In these Corona times when many, particularly the young, are facing job and business losses leading to many mental health issues and suicides, the ad provides the much needed positive message 'Jo bhi ho, setback ka jawaab comeback se do' (whatever happens, respond to a setback with a comeback). I hope the timely message reaches the young and vulnerable effectively
GS Score: 3/5
No comment.
While a lot has been said and written about the prejudice and fear associated with Covid-19, it is also true that it brought out the best in many of us. Compassion, kindness and gratitude are being expressed in many ways by men and women. The ad highlights this aspect and the ‘we feeling’ associated with it and links it to the upcoming IPL matches which are going to bring families together once again. A very interesting way of linking Covid 19 response to a sports event. 
GS Score: 3.25/5
Beautifully captures the experience of holding the news paper in ones hands while sipping a hot cup of tea or coffee early in the morning. News paper’s are being sorely missed during these Covid times by many and it is heartwarming to see them coming back into our homes. The ad features men and women, young and old enjoying their relationship with the news paper. It also shows the parents framing a news report on their young achiever daughter and displaying on the wall. Why is it so important? Because, It is important that we repeatedly reinforce the pride in daughters to counter the dominant perceptions of daughters as a burden.
GS Score 4/5
Hmmn, passengers will definitely  watch the safety announcement at least for seeing the picturesque locales featured in the ad!! 
GS Score 3/5
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