Creative critique from a gender lens: 23-27 May

Dr AL Sharada, director, Population First, reviews a selection of ads from last week

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What worked:



The ad celebrates female athletes and highlights the determination, hard work, competitiveness and ambition among them. The film ends with a voiceover that says 'sports is not only for men, this time listen to the challenge of the women'. However, the voice-over is of a man. Does it denote that sportswomen still need validation by a man? 


Gender Sensitivity Score (GSS): 4.5/5



"I own the night at my own pace, at my own flow," says the girl in the ad getting on to a motorbike. In a country where women going out at night and driving big vehicles is still not a norm, the ad challenges the gendered expectations from young women. The ad shows the girl as confident with agency and choice. And, for a change, we see red ink not blue ink on the pad. 


GSS: 4.5/5



The Navyasa saree ad brings glamour back to wearing a saree by featuring a youth icon, Deepika, to endorse the brand. The narration as Deepika flies the aircraft is inspiring, urging women to pursue their dreams. It says, "What sets you free is not your name on the cover page of a magazine, it is not how the world sees you, not fame, not stardom. What sets you apart is the courage to give wings to your dreams, what sets you free is what sets you apart". In a world where most people define their identity based on validation by others, it is good to see a message that urges them 'to be' what they are and pursue their dreams. 


GSS: 4/5


What did not work: 



There are many issues with this ad. 


1. "I used to be a batsman, for you I would be a keeper," he says to the woman. She is not a possession to keep and she needs no one to protect her as a keeper! It is offensive. 


2. He says, "doh cough syrups, on the rocks". It is totally irresponsible. India and many other countries are struggling to deal with addiction to cough syrups among youth to get high. It has many health consequences and having a senior cricketing idol glorify it, is totally objectionable.


3. The ad also portrays a lot of avoidable aggression and macho behaviour. 


GSS: 1/5



This ad could have been made in a gender-neutral way by projecting both men and women instead of focusing on a man alone. Muscle loss happens in both men and women after the thirties. Is the ad conveying subliminally that men need to be stronger and muscular? 


GSS: 2.3/5


Other films from last week:




GSS: 2.5/5



GSS: 2.5/5



GSS: 2.5/5


Oven Story

GSS: 3/5



GSS: 3/5



GSS: 2.75/5



GSS: 3/5


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