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Jan 29, 2024

Unlike studio-shot ads, we aim to vividly portray our durability tests: Samsonite’s Anushree Tainwala

We chat with Samsonite South Asia's executive director on its 'tested like Samsonite' campaign, its distinguishing features from the previous leg, and the rationale behind incorporating a celebrity approach to reinforce its message

Samsonite has rolled out the second leg of its 'tested like Samsonite' campaign, featuring Formula 1 driver Karun Chandhok, actor Milind Soman, tennis player Sania Mirza, chef Garima Arora, actor Vidyut Jammwal, and influencer-entrepreneur Ghazal Alagh. 


The six-part campaign, released weekly, kicked off with Chandhok and Soman's films, followed by Mirza's on 26 January. Whereas, two films featuring Jammwal and Alagh will be rolled out in the coming weeks.


These films, led by diverse influencers, skillfully draw parallels between individuals and Samsonite's product range, emphasising the rigorous strength and durability tests each of the protagonists undergoes. 


As prerequisites for product approval, these tests underscore Samsonite's commitment to delivering the highest standards and quality to end-users, aiming to inspire the core audience through these films. 


In the first film (above) with Chandhok, he takes center stage subjecting the Liteshock luggage to a demanding tumble test, drawing parallels between racetrack requirements and Samsonite’s Liteshock series durability. The dynamic visual narrative concludes with his racing car's tire succumbing to the rigorous test, going flat and dead, while the Liteshock luggage emerges unscathed.


In the second film, the EVOA series undergoes a robust 32-KMS mileage test, echoing the endurance symbolised by Soman. The journey, including running, walking, and cycling, reflects the meticulous 32-KMS testing of every Samsonite product's wheel on a conveyor belt with varied surfaces at 4 kmph, ensuring durability. Soman's evaluation in the film guarantees that each Samsonite product seamlessly accompanies travellers worldwide, ensuring endurance and reliability.


In the third film (released this weekend) featuring Mirza, showcasing her narrating that while the audience has witnessed her breaking tennis records in the past, today she takes on a new challenge—testing the strength of Samsonite by subjecting it to her powerful smash.


We had a tête-à-tête with Anushree Tainwala, executive director, Samsonite South Asia, to analyse the campaign brief, spotlighting its unique features from the previous edition, and understand the strategic use of a celebrity approach to drive home the brand's message effectively.


Edited excerpts: 


Could you detail the key aspects of the campaign and shed light on the agency's brief for its creation?


This campaign 'tested like Samsonite' was launched for the first time last year at the beginning of 2023. The campaign was based on a new positioning for the brand Samsonite, focusing on aesthetic engineering. 


We believe that at the core, Samsonite is an engineering-driven brand, obsessed with technology, perfection, and every component of engineering. Consumers value this aspect combined with our commitment to being fashionable, sleek, and modern. 


Aesthetic engineering, particularly rigorous product testing, is a core element of our brand. Hence, the second edition of the campaign brings to life the journey our bags go through before reaching consumers, paralleled beautifully with the journeys of individuals who demonstrate strength in facing life's challenges. These individuals have experienced ups and downs but emerge victorious at the end of their journey.


What sets it apart from last year's campaign?


The ATL (above-the-line) creatives remain the same as the campaign rolled out last year. The essential thought behind the campaign remains unchanged, but we've introduced something unique on the digital platform this time. 


We've partnered with six individuals who excel in their respective fields to subject the bags to real-life tests. 


Unlike ads shot in a controlled studio setting, we aim to vividly portray our product tests in a manner that inspires and engages the audience. Currently, Chandhok and Soman have featured in two videos, with four more to follow. These individuals leverage their representation and values, testing the bags on their respective platforms.


Which agencies are responsible for conceptualising the campaign? 


Lowe Lintas will oversee our mainline campaign just like last year, while the social influencer aspect is now in the hands of Social Beat. It's our first time collaborating with Social Beat; after a thorough pitching process, we believe they best align with our brand vision.


What is the intended duration of the campaign, and what impact are you foreseeing on the brand and its market presence during this period?


So, the entire campaign will span just over a month. The impact has been significant; the launch last year, amid the post-COVID revenge travel trend, greatly boosted our sales. 


With the second leg of this campaign, we aim to continue the journey Samsonite initiated in India last year, marking a substantial investment in this market. It has become a focal point for Samsonite globally. This rerun of the campaign, along with the digital library, underscores our commitment to the importance of the Indian market and our determination to invest further and realise our potential with consumers in the Indian market. 


Could you outline the marketing split allocated for this campaign?


We are primarily focusing on two mediums: first is out-of-home, encompassing both in-city and airport locations, which constitutes the majority of our spending. The second is digital and social media.


What sets this celebrity-driven approach apart from your previous endeavours?


For the digital segment, we have partnered with six influencers who are bringing the campaign to life, showcasing what the core message aims to convey. The idea behind collaborating with these celebrities is that they truly represent the best in their respective fields. When you see an ad featuring testing, it's not just talk; we are also walking the talk. These individuals vividly highlight, in a very real and extreme way, how the bags are tested. 


 That's why we have people like Mirza, who represents the best in tennis, and Chandhok, who is a leader in the Indian racing field, demonstrating the durability of the bags in their hands.


What strategic initiatives does the brand have up its sleeve to ensure leadership in the luggage manufacturing business in 2024?


So, for us, we operate multiple brands. Samsonite is positioned as a premium brand, and we anticipate significant growth in the future years in this segment. Previously, our focus was on mass brands, but we have now shifted gears to concentrate on the premium market. This strategic shift is aimed at helping us continue gaining market share in the Indian market.


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