The digital buzz unveils #WhatsInTheBox - a new era of home cooked food

The nation has finally woken up to the grand reveal of #WhatsInTheBox! The puzzle decoders can rest. Their 'Eureka' moment is here. But, the frenzy of the entire social media universe has not died down yet as people open their boxes to find out what Fortune has gifted the world.

Feb 28, 2020 10:29:00 AM | Video | Partner Content

Lo and Behold - we now finally know #WhatsInTheBox!  Celebrity icon Akshay Kumar, cricket sports star Sourav Ganguly, and celebrity influencers like MissMalini, Chef Ajay Chopra, Deeksha Joshi have all opened their mystery boxes by Fortune and are beyond happy to reveal what’s in it - the new Fortune identity! In addition to exciting giveaways, #WhatsInTheBox also unveiled Fortune's new identity including a vast variety of cooking oils, rice, Atta, Dal, Soya Chunks, Besan and much more! Also, keeping in mind the evolving health-conscious mindset of the Indians, everything in the box is super healthy and tasty.  
“In today’s fast-paced digital age, it is imperative to evolve along with the evolving consumer needs and at Fortune we truly believe in this. The rebranding is thus an extension to keep pace with the ever- changing consumer needs. From an edible oils brand in 2000 we’re now ‘Owning the kitchen’ in 2020,” says Sanjay Adesara, media and strategy head, Adani Wilmar Ltd.
The digital agency Experience Commerce has been instrumental in conceptualising the new campaign of Fortune to unveil their new packaging along with the entire new look and feel of their communication. The #WhatsInTheBox contest puzzle has also been coded by Fortune in association with Experience Commerce. 
According to Sandip Maiti, the CEO of Experience Commerce, ‘Mastering customer experiences in the digital ecosystem is the key to building great brands in 2020. First impressions are everything and digital laggards to savvy millennials, all tend to shy away if the user experience is not interactive. Understanding these key insights, we have catalysed the rebranding of Fortune and we are excited to explore its growth potential.’ 
The journey of Fortune from an oil brand to a full fledged food FMCG brand is awe-inspiring. As the consumers have grown in the past two decades with their progressive mindsets, the brand has managed to successfully match up to the thought process of the contemporary consumer with its new full-blown revamp!