MTV calls out fools born out of society’s expectations

Watch the film conceptualised in-house here

Mar 30, 2021 09:34:00 AM | Video | Campaign India Team

MTV has rolled out a digital film for April Fool’s Day. Conceptualised in-house, the film titled “The Joke is on Us” sheds light on society’s unreasonable expectations from one’s life.  

The brand film features a boy who is passionate about playing the guitar, but is constantly pressured by his parents to put aside his hobbies and focus on his MBA studies and future plans to settle by saying, “Board exams aa rahe hain. Yeh ek saal focus karo, baad mein toh aish hi hain” (Board exams are coming up, focus this year and then you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy).

However, after he does as his parents wish, he is then reminded of his responsibilities as a father, as he conditions his baby in a similar fashion followed across generations.

The film then ends with the saying “Mazak Ban Gayi Zindagi” (Life has become a joke).