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Dec 09, 2016

HP Deskjet gets clumsy Giridhar to demo spill-free refill

Watch the ad film conceptualised by BBDO India here

HP has rolled out a new ad film for a range of its Deskjet printers. The film has been conceptualised by BBDO India.
With the help of a voice over it narrates the story of Giridhar. It opens with him losing grip on a bowl of food and dropping it close to his mother. As he grows older, Mr Butterfingers drops flying kite thread into a container of pickle, water onto documents, a cricket ball during a match, food on a friend, books at a library, cake on a a young boy, keys into a gutter and more. The father's new HP printer in being opened. Giridhar opens the printing ink bottle kept next to the printer, and unsurprisingly drops it. This proves to be a demo for the spill-free refill system for the printer. 
Deepti Dang, head of marketing, printing systems - India , HP, said, "The brief was to drive awareness of the new HP deskjet GT Ink Tank printer and establish the product as a superior one through its value proposition such as page yield, print quality, and spill-free refill system and to increase consideration and preference. We also wanted to target consumers with relevant content through the consumer journey, leveraging contextual messaging to connect with the TG to establish the value proposition."
She added, "Most advertising for this product category has been very functional and product feature-based, and therefore very difficult to differentiate; we understand that the consumer connects with how the product and brand effects and adds value to his/her life. It is an established fact that – what amuses the audience has a great consumer recall. In this advertisement we have made use of the sentiment – schadenfreude- pleasure derived by someone from another person's misfortune. Research shows that this is one of the most effective type of happiness and can provide the biggest business effects when used correctly. We hope that this emotion will leave the viewers amused and emotionally engaged with the ad. Our research said that when it comes to Ink tank printers one of the major inconvenience that consumers face is the ink spill while refilling the system…. This to us was a good connect with the audience and hence the 'oops' was born. Giridhar our protagonist in the ad is a butter finger and makes a mess of all that he handles and yet he too is a pro when it comes to refilling the HP GT series, Ink tank system. The instances in the ad the oops moments as I like to call them are taken from real life and we all can identify with."
The film is running on both digital and TV. Sixty per cent of the budgets are for digital and 40 per cent for television. 
Dang added, "TV still remains an effective media when it comes to reaching out to the mass audience and creating awareness about the product and drive preference for the brand. Through digital we are driving engagement. It is a very effective media where we get to connect with the audience, and the customers can talk back to the brand. Social media is another big part of the plan. As a marketer it is exciting when your communication drives intrigue and excitement among the consumers. To me social media to a marketer is like a theatre performance to an actor where you get the audience reaction right after the act and know right there and then how much resonance you have created."
Prior the release of the film, HP rolled out a teaser #GirdharKaunHai across social media. The teaser campaign was conceptualised by PHD India and showed situations from the film and asked viewers to guess what Giridhar did during those moments.
Client: HP 
Global head of marketing, printing systems: Vikrant Batra
Head of Marketing, Printing Systems, Asia Pacific & Japan: Ayesha Durante 
Head of marketing, print systems, India: Deepti Dang 
HP India print marketing team: Kanika Puri
Creative agency: BBDO India
Creative: Josy Paul and team
Media agency: PHD India
PHD team: Arun Bhardwaj, Amit Duggal
(Amended at 09:00 hrs on 12 December to revise credits, based on a correction sent by PHD.)
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