Arati Rao
Jun 07, 2011

From The Planner's Table: BBH India's Partha Sinha

Partha Sinha, managing partner, BBH India, discusses how advertising has changed, the BBH way of planning, and the skills he looks for in young planners

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For this month's edition of 'From The Planner's Table', we asked Partha Sinha, managing partner at  BBH India, a series of questions about the stream.

WATCH Sinha's take on how advertising has changed, BBH's approach to planning and how strategic thinking doesn't necessarily stem from copious research.

Sinha discusses the business of insights, and how advertising has changed from pointing out inadequacies to now building confidence - not only because the consumer has changed, but also because the way marketers look at them has changed. "We tend to stay away from taboo marketing, because marketing too should have a humane side," he believes.

WATCH Sinha respond to questions about how far the BBH organisation structure (of giving equal importance to management, creative and planning) has worked, and success stories in strategy at the agency


WATCH Sinha talk about the skill set he looks for in a planner, and how he'd like to see account planning develop in India in the next five years


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