Eid Mubarak: Coca-Cola lights up the skies with the spirit of kindness

Watch the ad film conceptualised by Soho Square Pakistan here

Jul 14, 2015 08:45:00 AM | Video | Campaign India Team

The holy month of Ramadan is drawing to a close and we’ve been treated advertising from the region that’s emotional and endearing.  Coca–Cola Pakistan has rolled out an ad film that has received a fair bit of attention on social media. The film has been conceptualised by Soho Square Pakistan.
A voice over sets the tone saying, “Aaj bhi acchai har taraf chamakti hai” (Even today, goodness shines all around us) as a group of young children catch a glimpse of a Chinese lantern drifting above them. The youngsters begin to chase the lantern, and in the process witness the kindness society is capable of. A young man gives the shoes he is wearing to a homeless person. A group of youngsters in a celebratory mood lift up one of their friends, who is in a wheelchair. The children are surprised to see that with every act of kindness, the number of lanterns in the sky increases. Elsewhere, Coca-Cola trucks hand out drinks. As the sky gets inundated with lanterns, a female voice over surmises: "Joh har achchai roshni ki tarah chamke, toh pura aasman roshan ho jaaye" (When every act of goodness shines bright, the sky will light up). 
Client: Coca-Cola 
Creative agency: Soho Square Pakistan