Askmebazaar dramatises 'one click therapy' for stress

Watch the films conceptualised by J. Walter Thompson here

Aug 11, 2015 09:10:00 AM | Video | Campaign India Team

Askme has rolled out a TVC each for consumer internet platform and its online marketplace Both the fims have been conceptualised by J. Walter Thompson.
The film for (above) features Bollywood actor-director Farhan Akhtar. Akhtar is presenting a talk on stress and its side effects. He shows a man suffering from stress, and visibly so. It's then time to reveal the 'therapy'. Akhtar reveals, a phone which has '' running on it. The man previously shaking his legs because of stress, picks up the phone and the shaking stops. Akhtar introduces as the 'one click therapy'. He says, 'Stress mein don't go bizarre, shop on Askmebazaar.'

In the film for, actor Ranbir Kapoor is eating at a roadside food stall 'Italian Chaat Bhandar' with his son. The son smells the food, suggesting that all is not well with it. A person eating next to him suggests 'Big Bread'. Next, Kapoor is at the restaurant with his wife and son. The three of them stare into a dish, shocked at the abysmally small quantity of food. He tries to cheer them up by serving the little food available, but the lady isn't amused. Next up, someone recommends 'Steamy Grill'. At Steamy Grill, all Kapoor and family get is steam. Next, he's recommended an 'authentic Chinese' place. Kapoor is served a live creature swimming in his soup here. The family looks at each other. Kapoor calls for the bill.
He walks into his house, talking about the next place he's going to visit, only to see his wife and child surrounded by chefs. One of them informs Kapoor about the Askme app, for the latest trends in food. The voice over introduces Askme as the Baap (father) of all trends.
Manav Sethi, group CMO, Askme, said, “Both these campaigns are built on consumer insights. Search has moved from discovery to aggregated opinions and hence Askme assumes that leadership position across India to communicate best places to eat, wear, and relax etc. The option to transact these products and be in the trend is made available by Askmebazaar where majority find platforms such as these an option full of choices, brands and best prices and hence “stress mein don’t go bizarre; shop on askmebazaar."
Saurabh Saksena, SVP and executive business director, J. Walter Thompson, said, “Over the past few years the consumers are turning to the internet to see what choices they have to make, whether for eating out, travel destinations, fashion, gadgets, plays, etc. While there are many destinations that offers them choice, few offer them advice. The poor consumer is left asking people who they know (and who may not be experts) for their advice about where to eat, where to travel to, which movie to watch, what to wear and what gadget to buy, etc. And these ‘advisors’ may not be the best people to ask. This forms the basis for our campaign, we have had most fun coming up with. 'Don’t ask just about anyone, ask the baap of all trends, ask' offers to satisfy this need to get advice/recommendations from a credible source, through curated experiences."
Client: Askme
Agency: J. Walter Thompson
SVP and executive business directorJ. Walter ThompsonSaurabh Saksena
Group CMO: Manav Sethi