Arati Rao
Dec 18, 2010

Your weekend reading list

CNN International's Mumbai correspondent Mallika Kapur on what she reads

Your weekend reading list

CNN International's Mallika Kapur anchored programmes in London and Hong Kong before becoming the channel's Mumbai-based correspondent. The correspondent revealed to Campaign India the one read that's been a constant wherever she is:

"I read a variety of news websites, blogs and columns but if there's one I try not to miss, its Mrs Moneypenny's weekend column in the Financial Times. I used to love reading it in the FT magazine on lazy Sunday mornings when I lived in London, now I follow it online. Her columns are about anything and everything: flower shows, investment banking, flying lessons, hunting, the glass ceiling, her girlfriends and her three children who she refers to as Cost Centres. Through her columns, you hear a working mom speak, get a glimpse inside the mind of woman with a highly successful career, understand what makes her tick and laugh out loud many, many times at her sharp wit. Read one of her columns, you'll be going back each week for more!"

Read Mrs Moneypenny here 

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