Weekend capers: Varun Mehta

Varun Mehta, senior creative director - special projects, BBDO, tells us about what he usually likes to do on weekends, when he is not working during those two days

Jan 20, 2012 08:39:00 PM | Article | Shephali Bhatt

What're you planning to do this weekend?
I am working this weekend. But normally when I am not working on weekends, I like to play tennis, go for swimming and pursue photography.

One film you would recommend that people watch over the weekend?
I watched Sherlock Holmes last time and I thought it was pretty good.

Any book that you would recommend?
There's a new book on photography by Ansel Adams. I think people will enjoy going through it since it is more about pictures and involves hardly any reading.

What's the most played track on your phone?
More into gaming than playing tracks on my phone. I love playing Angry Birds, or should I say, I still love playing Angry Birds.

The last time you worked on a weekend?
That was last weekend.

The most adventurous weekend you've had?
There was this one time when I was actually stuck in mud for a long time on one of these weekends. It was quite adventurous.

Your ideal weekend getaway would be?
Kashid beach