Weekend capers: Subhash Kamath

Subhash Kamath, managing partner, BBH India, tells us about his weekend plans, and shares some memories about a past one

Jan 13, 2012 04:55:00 PM | Article | Arati Rao

What're you planning to do this weekend?

Spend a lot of time with family, take my kids shopping, and play the guitar.

One film you would recommend that people watch over the weekend?

I haven't seen some of the new films, but I know some people who are saying that they are brilliant. Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol is apparently very enjoyable if you enjoy action movies. I hope I can catch that as well.

Any book that you would recommend?

Keth Richards' autobiography 'Life'

What's the most played track on your media player?

'Honky Tonk Women' by The Rolling Stones

The last time you worked on a weekend?

Last weekend.

The most adventurous weekend you've had?

I went trekking to the nearby hills many years ago. We didn't know where we were going; we just hitchhiked, took a bus to somewhere, got off at a place we didn't know, somehow found a place to stay. We just didn't plan anything and didn't know where we would be in the next half an hour.

Your ideal weekend getaway would be?