ViziSense: Gmail betters Yahoo mail

The categories studied in the report include email, online gaming, social networking, photo/video sharing and web portals

ViziSense: Gmail betters Yahoo mail

ViziSense, an online audience measurement platform, has studied the growth of websites in some categories and released their findings for the Indian market. Some of the categories were: email, online gaming, social networking and photo/video sharing and web portals.

Sharing some of the findings, Amit Bhartiya, business head, ViziSense said, “The gap between Gmail and Yahoo mail widens, with Gmail registering 30% more users than Yahoo mail in April 2011. While Gmail had 32.70 million unique users in India, Yahoo mail ended April 2011 with 25.30 million users.”

Among social networking websites, Facebook grew over 100% YoY and continued its dominance over Google properties, Orkut and Youtube. “Facebook ended April 2011 with 36 million users, while Orkut has de-grown from 17.90 million unique users in April 2010 to 13.10 million unique users in April 2011,” he said.

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