Jun 16, 2011

ViziSense: Gmail betters Yahoo mail

The categories studied in the report include email, online gaming, social networking, photo/video sharing and web portals

Jun 07, 2011

Opinion: Why new rules could stifle the growth of digital

It's easy to see why so many digital operators, marketers and agencies are overwhelmed by the rules

Jan 18, 2010

The world beyond facebook

Social Applications have been riding the marketing hype cycle in 2009, with many Internet-savvy brand managers in India considering a Facebook App, for their digital campaigns. From cosmetics to cars, beverages, chocolates and movies, every marketer has a one-line brief for their media agencies. “Need a compelling presence on Facebook and Twitter – go build a page, create an application, get fans/users”.

Jul 30, 2009

Of accelerated rises and of accelerated falls

The shelf life of a conceptEvery now and again, one hears laments about the redundancy of innovations. The demise of the telex machine, the passing away of the humble calculator, the end of the compact cassette.But is this ballyhoo valid?

Apr 25, 2008

'Brand enthusiasts will become advertisers': MySpace's Katz

Travis Katz, MD, International MySpace/ Fox Interactive Media talks about MySpace’s plans in India. The site has launched in India recently and has already announced a slew of initiatives with various Indian media companies like Zee Cafe and SaReGaMa.How will you position MySpace in India vis-à-vis the already existing social networking sites like Facebook, Orkut and the local sites like Bigadda, Fropper.com?