Jun 16, 2011

ViziSense: Gmail betters Yahoo mail

The categories studied in the report include email, online gaming, social networking, photo/video sharing and web portals

Apr 15, 2010

It's too soon to dismiss Google Buzz as a wannabe

Launched on February 9, 2010, Google Buzz is barely two months old. And though, according to numbers released by Google, tens of millions of people took a look at what this new social media site had to offer in the first two days of its launch, interest has since waned.

Oct 21, 2009

Google launches first major UK ad campaign

Google has launched its first major UK above-the-line advertising campaign, using the line "Gone Google".

Sep 19, 2008

Web 18's in top ten even before launch

Web 18's portal, which is still in beta mode, is at number seven in the top Indian portals in the country according to the ComScore data. The Comscore data also measures the consolidated reach of the group. It is now ahead of the combined reach of the Times Internet sites and is only behind has been in the beta mode since August and is now gearing up for its official launch in the first week of October.