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Aug 22, 2014

Things They Like: Raj Kamble

The founder and chief creative officer, Famous Innovations, on his mantra of keeping it simple

Things They Like: Raj Kamble
Raj Kamble likes to keep it simple when it comes to gadgets and choice of dressing, be it at work or industry events and the like. He’s accompanied by his ‘almost-dead iPhone’, and is seen in anything except round neck T-shirts - as he tries ‘to not go over the top’. American multi-brand retailer J. Crew is the store he frequents most often to shop for clothes.
When it comes to perfumes, Kamble prefers the fragrance of Japanese brand, Issey Miyake.
His favourite watch brand is Bell & Ross, and one thing that he always wanted to own. When it comes to shoes, the brand you’ll see Kamble in would be Camper.
When at Cannes and you’re confused about what to eat, Kamble might be the right person to dine with, as his favourite cuisine is French.
When he’s not at work, he’s kept busy by television shows such as House of Cards, Californication and Mad Men.
The car in his garage currently is one that he’s ‘quite fond of’, his Mercedes E-Class.
He’s had plenty of good holidays, but the one destination that stands out is New York City. Next up for him is not a visit to NYC though, as he plans to hit the shores of Cuba pretty soon.
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