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Mar 20, 2015

Things They Like: Harjot Narang

Harjot Narang, EVP - branch head, Dentsu Marcom, on the Apple of his eye, his changing dream car and more...

Things They Like: Harjot Narang
Apple of my eye takes a new meaning for Harjot Narang who depends on MacBook Air, iPad, iPhone and Apple headphones to stay connected, as well as disconnect from everything else when he wants. At a private party, Bose sound link is the favoured gadget on his bar.
Narang prefers to ‘keep the clothes smart and the work smarter’ at work; and don ‘comfortable and enjoyable’ clothes at party. When asked about the brands he swears by, he responds, “Every brand that I try to sell to others – professionally .” He, however, names CK One as his favoured perfume, likes Swatch on his wrist, prefers Levi’s demins and Rockport shoes.
A watch, or at times a great tie, are the only accessories Narang dons, even as he stays away from all kinds of men’s jewellery including his wedding ring.
He drives a Honda City and a Fortuner. But his dream car keeps changing with every Car Expo he attends.
When asked about his favourite holiday destination, Narang says it is Shimla’s The Cecil Hotel. He reasons, “It’s an easy anytime getaway, a great drive, and allows me to pamper the kids too. The place has a great ambience, complemented with a beautiful all-weather pool and entertainment room that my sons enjoy immensely. Additionally, the place has rich heritage and class that is still alive and doesn’t change.” This year, the Narangs are planning an excursion to Shillong in a zest to discover North East India.
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