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Mar 03, 2016

The Maxus mantra: consumer, data, content and context

‘If 2015 was about top rung pitches, 2016 might see pitches from challenger brands seeking fresh approach’

The Maxus mantra: consumer, data, content and context
Maxus India announced the launch of a proprietary tool at a media round table in NCR on 2 March involving its global executive committee, which also discussed the vision for Maxus India. 
Lindsay Pattison, global CEO, Maxus, said that the focus area for the agency from the global perspective would be to ‘collaborate with teams, invest in technology, and think of providing solutions by leading the change through technology’. 
Ajit Varghese, CEO, Maxus Asia Pacific, said the GroupM agency is focusing on three pillars to achieve growth: “Consumer – by integrating data from social into our common dialogue engine to help clients make decisions; data – bringing together plethora of data to ensure more consumer engagement; and by focusing on content and context.”
Specific to the Indian market, Kartik Sharma, MD, Maxus South Asia, said that while 2015 was all about media pitches from first-rung brands like P&G, 2016 might see the pitches from challenger brands, who are looking for a fresh approach.
The new tool, Kaleidoscope, is billed as a real time mood-based planning tool. It will measure parameters like audience mood and receptivity, starting with Twitter and Instagram, enabling alignment of marketing campaigns. This is the second initiative by Maxus India on behavioural mapping after Moribus.
Pattison said, "With access to real time data, brands can move beyond demographics into behaviour consumer profiling. Brands can have an insight on what their target consumer is feeling, and build their communication around a 'mood'."
Even as margins are under pressure, she underlined that such tools give confidence and reassurance to the clients. 
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