Arati Rao
Aug 25, 2010

Star CJ Alive campaign built on research response “Paagal hai kya?”


Star CJ Alive campaign built on research response “Paagal hai kya?”

The guiding thought for the launch communication of 24-hour shopping channel Star CJ Alive was built around what the research team heard in their pre-campaign interviews. Paritosh Joshi, chief executive officer of Star CJ Network, said, “In fact during the same research when people were asked whether they shopped from a homeshopping channel, the most oft-quoted response was ‘Paagal hai kya?’ Thus out of this ‘Paagal Hai Kya’ response was born the ‘Paagal’ character – the madman with the crazy hairstyle.” 

While in one TVC, the “madman” surprises a man who is going shopping in the rains with his family by laughing at him and saying that it’s crazy to do so, in the other, he pokes fun of another man who is going shopping with his family but is stuck in a traffic jam. The character, according to Joshi, satisfied the two-pronged strategic and tactical objectives of the brief: “Not only does he convince the consumer to re-look at traditional outdoor shopping, but also educates him about the advantages of both the homeshopping category and the brand (STAR CJ Alive),” he said. The campaign was created by UnLtd, headed by Sudha Kanal. 

A 360-degree brand communication approach was adopted for the campaign, which included TVC, OOH/outdoor, print, radio and digital (including social media). In the next phase of communication, there will be a short-term objective and a long-term one. “The short-term objective is to extend the brand launch campaign to include the various festive/ social occasions in the Indian calendar with an aim to increase brand awareness and top-of-the-mind brand recall of the STAR CJ Alive brand in the long run,” said Joshi. “The long-term objective would be to re-build the entire homeshopping category by gaining enough consumer trust as well as re-educate the Indian consumer about the benefits of the new homeshopping category as personified by STAR CJ Alive.”





Credit list Client - STAR CJ Alive: Donald Kwag (Head, Marketing) and Siddhartha Dutt (Brand Manager) Creative Agency - Unltd: Sudha Kanal Bhatia (Proprietor and Owner) and others Media Agency - Starcom: Girish Upadhyay, Saurabh Tyagi, Dinesh Nair, Neeraja Seshadri and others
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