Ananya Saha
Jan 16, 2015

Social and mobile silos will be broken down in 2015: Mark Henning

The head of media and digital, AMAP, Millward Brown shares his prediction about how marketing is likely to change in the next 12 months

Social and mobile silos will be broken down in 2015: Mark Henning
Mark Henning, head of media and digital, AMAP, Millward Brown, while talking about the predictions that will influence marketing in 2015 says that we will see synchronised messaging across TV and the other devices.
Speaking to Campaign India, he said, “The silos of different social strategy and mobile strategy will be broken down. Currently marketers are spending energy developing siloed strategies for social and mobile platform. In 2015, brands will highlight the need to understand the impact of cross-platform and cross-device behaviours to justify continued increases in media investment.”
Sharing insights about changing media landscape, and the evolving role of digital, Henning said, “Analogue will become digital. Consumers’ will continue to desire control over content engagement.” He further asserted that micro-video will be propelled into the mainstream, and there will be more opportunities to build reach in the micro-video landscape with paid messages. Henning is of the view that brands and agencies will succeed by understanding the nuances of micro-creativity and the different roles fulfilled by platforms such as Vine and Instagram.
Talking about the buzzword, ‘big data’, he said, “Big data will become intelligent data. Marketers are data rich but insights poor. In 2015, marketers will question the quality of their data assets, streamlining to must haves and investing in analytic talent to identify the metrics that are actual predictors for brand and sales growth.”
While native advertising will become an established part of the advertising landscape, programmatic advertising will get more creative. “Creative agencies will design smart, engaging and customisable creative elements (rather than ads), which merge seamlessly with programmatic media buying algorithms to deliver relevant message based on the individual consumer context,” Henning shared.
“Successful organisations will structure for success in the digital age by courting innovators, focusing on digital training and becoming more collaborative,” he concluded.
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