Raahil Chopra
Apr 13, 2015

Power Play @ IPL 2015: 'We have learnt to draw effectiveness from the medium’

Yatnesh Pandey, chief manager marketing, Kansai Nerolac Paints, on the brand's plans for eighth edition of the IPL

Power Play @ IPL 2015: 'We have learnt to draw effectiveness from the medium’
How long has Nerolac been associated with the IPL? 
Nerolac has been associated with IPL since the third season in 2010 and has grown over the last five years through its association. Now, we are definitely among the experienced lot of advertisers who have tested the waters and learnt to draw effectiveness from the medium.
How have the investments fared over the years? What explains this?
As for the investment every year, it depends on the overall media plan allotted based on the company’s annual budget and outlay and is never a standalone budget investment.
Why did you choose to associate with the IPL?
The target audience that follow and watch the IPL series is quite similar to our brand’s target audience i.e. males of 24 years and above. So it is certain that our ads reach out to our concerned TG which in-turn helps in giving our sales the adequate thrust required. This year, to reach out to the maximum viewers during one of the most followed and viewed cricket ‘festival’, we decided to promote our latest offerings by running the Impressions HD range, which is the interior emulsion. We are looking at reaching out to our target regional focus markets which will create an awareness amidst the consumers about the offerings of Nerolac and generate sales pull for the brand during this painting season. These couple of months are good for sales in the paint industry and by advertising during a property like IPL, it enables the brand to reach out to the suitable and maximum target audience and garner high visibility. So yes, this association definitely helps in upping the sales game for Kansai Nerolac.
Did you advertise on air during the World Cup as well?
We did advertise during the World Cup season this year. Cricket in India is one of the highly followed sport and placing ads during series like World Cup and IPL is bound to get your brand high visibility and reach. It definitely gives any brand an opportunity to reach out to the larger target audience and also simultaneously create their brand awareness.
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