Campaign India Team
Sep 15, 2023

Picks of the Week: Work that wowed us

Every Friday, Campaign India picks its favourites from the work published on the website

Picks of the Week: Work that wowed us

Campaign India's editorial team has picked its favourite campaigns from those published on the website during the week.


This week, the team found three pieces of work that stood out. 


As always, we're going alphabetically:



We've seen plenty of brands aiming for their carbon footprint to be net zero by 2030. Here's an update from Apple which makes the consumer take note of it. The humour just adds to it! 


Fitpass (conceptualised by Vector Brand Solutions)


Two out of the three films effectively utilise humour to break away from the clutter of fitness app advertisements, simultaneously conveying their core message, using settings such as a mundane work meetings and a dining-out scenario to illustrate the comedic futility of striving for fitness in hectic lifestyles.



Cleverly weaves together history, skepticism, and innovation. 

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