Aug 02, 2023

Opinion: A strategy that's making brands go viral

The author highlights why brands should embrace humanised content to succeed in the ever-evolving social media landscape

Opinion: A strategy that's making brands go viral

Social platforms have transformed over the last few years but most brands have failed to adapt to trends that thrive in 2023.


We live in a world today where even videos shot on our phones have the potential to go viral and yet we see some brands playing by the book, implementing strategies that worked ages ago.


Social media is nothing but a reflection of the real world online but oftentimes brands tend to forget that. An easy approach to tackle this is to create ‘humanised content’. Tried and tested, this strategy, being platform agnostic, delivers consistent results.


So, what is ‘humanised content?’


People > Products


If you open the discovery feed of any of the platforms, there’s a high chance the first ten swipes are full of people’s faces or some other human element. If your brand wants to build relations with the viewer it needs to put forward real people and their stories, not products.


Raw/Real > Aesthetic


Gone are the days when an aesthetic Instagram grid got you followers. Today’s audiences crave authenticity and real-life content. Brands that opt for a raw and genuine approach are more likely to capture the attention of their followers, as it makes them feel like they are a part of something real. Too much art direction makes the content look fake. Keeping it raw makes the audience relate. 


Relatable > Aspirational


Humanised content seeks to engage audiences on a more personal level. Brands can connect with their customers by addressing their needs, desires, and pain points. By providing content that is relatable and speaks directly to the audience, brands can create a sense of community and loyalty. 


Imperfect > Perfection


Embracing imperfections, such as unpolished moments and spontaneous content, can make the brand appear more approachable and relatable too. Chase for perfection often keeps the brands from experimenting and miss-moment marketing. Opting for imperfect content, even if it has mistakes, triggers a halo effect leading the viewers to like the brand more. Many creators today go even a step further to put intended imperfections to make the audience engage more. Brands can learn a lot from that.


To the point > Jargon


With the diminishing attention span, keeping content concise and straightforward is essential. The content should hook the viewer in the first few seconds and the message should be understood clearly. Make your brand talk like a person your ideal customer would want to hang around and listen to.


Sharable > Everything else


The users reside on social media today to connect with their peers and if your brand can be a part of their conversations, your content will thrive. The ultimate goal should be to make the viewer share the brand’s content, that’s what creates virality, a reality.


In short, be less brand, and more human.


(The author is director, Chtrsocial) 





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