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Dec 11, 2019

Online video consumption is a rage in non-metros: Hotstar India Watch Report 2019

Regional online video content has a massive following, with Tamil, Telugu and Bengali leading from the front

Pic courtesy: Hotstar
Pic courtesy: Hotstar

Streaming platform Hotstar has released India Watch Report 2019. The report is a study of online video consumption behaviour and trends across India based on video consumption on the platform.

Around 63 percent of the total online entertainment consumption came from non-metros. Lucknow, Pune and Patna surpassed Hyderabad, Bengaluru and Kolkata in video consumption. The report states that, "West Bengal and Bihar run on data!" In these states, the data consumption per user is even more than that of Maharashtra and Karnataka.
Lucknow, Pune and Patna were the top non-metros and surpassed Hyderabad, Bengaluru and Kolkata in video consumption.
Also, a large part of India took their video consumption habits well past bedtime.  Mumbai, the city that never sleeps is not the last to sleep, states the report. Places like Kochi and Gurugram stay up more for entertainment.
Contrary to popular belief, men have as high affinity to family drama as women; More than 40% viewers of Family drama are men.
More than 40% video consumption came from regional content. While, Tamil, Telugu and Bengali are the top regional languages, a massive 80 percent of Tamil and Telugu content consumption comes from the native states.
In contrast, 35 percent of Bengali consumption comes from outside the state, indicating that more Bengalis outside the state were attracted towards content in their native language.
When it came to consumption of News on the go, Delhi consumes the most news in India, while Lucknow and Patna watch more news than Mumbai. Also, the report highlights that "Millennials are more 'woke' than you'd think! 65% of news consumption comes from people in the age group of 15-34." There was a 10X growth in online video consumption of News, compared to last year.
A massive 95% of video consumption comes from mobile phones. There was a 4X growth in viewers on Connected TV, coupled with a 7X growth in consumption for Connected TV compared to last year. 
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