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Mar 09, 2015

Obituary: Veteran journalist Vinod Mehta passes away

The editorial chairman of Outlook Group is survived by his wife (Sumita Paul) and daughter

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Vinod Mehta (73), who had been ailing for some time, passed away in New Delhi on Sunday, 8 March 2015. The editorial chairman of Outlook Group, was the author of six books - 'Bombay', 'Sanjay Gandhi', 'Meena Kumari', 'Lucknow Boy', 'Editor Unplugged', and 'Mr Editor, how close are you to the PM?'.
He is survived by his wife Sumita Paul, his daughter, their canine companion, 'Editor', two brothers and a sister. 
Born in Rawalpindi and brought up in Lucknow, he was the founding editor-in-chief of Outlook.
Announcing Mehta's demise, Krishna Prasad, editor-in-chief, Outlook wrote, "An undisguised cricket fanatic and foodie, Mr Mehta was a magnet of tasteful gossip which he deftly let loose into the system through his widely read diaries on the last page of Outlook."
Prasad added, "All through his long innings as editor, writer and a television talking head, Mr Mehta brought trademark wit, candour, and non-partisanship to the table, endearing him to readers and viewers, and to friends and foes, across the country and across the globe. Rare is the rival who can’t find a good word."
Mehta stepped into journalism from advertising in 1974, with his first job was as editor of the monthly men’s magazine, Debonair. He as the founder of The Sunday Observer - India’s first weekly newspaper, post which he went on to edit The Indian Post and The Independent. 
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