'Love the way Spotify is using data': Tonic Worldwide's Chetan Asher

A series to end the decade - part fifteen

Dec 17, 2019 05:24:00 AM | Article | Campaign India Team

Campaign India's countdown to the end of the decade will feature leading names from the marketing and communications fraternity. We ask senior executives from the advertising, marketing and media fraternity about the last 10 years and the year to come.
Here's what Chetan Asher, co-founder and CEO, Tonic Worldwide, had to say: 
One piece of work in the last decade that you wish you had created/worked on. Why? 
Love the way Spotify is using data to create an end of year property. There are two parts to it: a marketing campaign, which involves a number of humorous billboards looking back on yearly music trends and featuring funny user playlists; and an individual engagement, in which Spotify subscribers receive their personalised listening data from the past eleven months. This is not just a creative use of data, but also data is used to create a one on one engagement with each user. Would have loved to be a part of it.    


If hindsight is 20/20, what is the one thing that you could have done differently in the last decade?
Applying product design approach to solve marketing problems. Bringing design thinking talent onboard would have helped us fine tune this approach.
One skill that you would want to pick up in 2020 and why?
In an age of information overload, one skill I want to pick up and learn meditation. I want to be able to switch off and focus.
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