'Making the client say yes to increased agency retainer fees': Rediffusion's Navonil Chatterjee

A series to end the decade - part three

Dec 04, 2019 04:35:00 AM | Article | Campaign India Team

Campaign India's countdown to the end of the decade will feature leading names from the marketing and communications fraternity. We ask senior executives from the advertising, marketing and media fraternity about the last 10 years and the year to come. 
Here's what Navonil Chatterjee, joint president and CSO, Rediffusion, had to say.
One piece of work created by a competitor in the last decade that you wish you had created/worked on?
Bajaj INS Vikrant, Pepsi's 'Change the Game', Airtel's 'Har ek friend zaroori hota hai', Vodafone 'Zoozoos' - well there are quite a few memorable campaigns that I wish I had been a part of. But if I have to name just one, it would be Virgin Mobile's Indian Panga League campaign. Eight teams, eight states, eight passionate fans, 105 online videos and one hell of a joy ride. It was cheeky, insightful and above all, highly enjoyable, every time you saw it. That's what I call is true content marketing!

Internationally, my pick would be Adidas' Bonded by Blood campaign. Using the blood of elite athletes as a special colour to print limited edition posters for your fans? How crazy can you be to even think of that, never mind pulling it off!

If hindsight is 20/20, what is the one thing that you could have done differently in the last decade?
Being a great believer in the power of brands and the magic of story-telling, I had always been a champion of the centrality of the brand idea. For me digital was just a medium, always subservient to the idea. While there is still truth in that, I wish I had adopted it a bit sooner.
One skill that you would want to pick up in 2020?
The art of making the client say 'yes' to Increased agency retainer fees! I am sure a lot of my fellow agency heads would also give an arm and a leg to acquire that skill!