Draftfcb + Ulka focuses on drive experience for Indigo Manza

The new TVC will be supported by an online and radio campaign in the coming weeks.

Draftfcb + Ulka focuses on drive experience for Indigo Manza

Almost a year after launch, Tata Motors is back with a new campaign for its premium sedan – the Indigo Manza. While DraftFCB Ulka played up the sheer indulgence of its luxurious backseat during the launch campaign, the next campaign addresses the younger mindset the Manza is attracting by focusing on the car’s drive. 

Kartik Smetacek, Creative Director, Draftfcb + Ulka, informed, “The challenge for the team working on the campaign was to smoothly transition from the backseat to the front seat. The brief was very clearly to fill on the form of positioning. The campaign that we did earlier was of indulgence, and was hinging on the luxurious backseat. On the other hand, the new campaign plays up the other big feature - the drive experience. We wanted to take up the drivability of the car and wanted to have a smooth transition from the car that offers all the indulgence of the backseat and is also great to drive.” 

The TVC opens on a shot of the Manza driving along a picturesque road. In the back is a distinguished looking older man bobbing his head to the catchy tune playing. The car races along, swerving sharply around corners, but our man is comfortable, nonchalant, lost in the moment. As the car pulls up in front of an office building, the music cuts abruptly, snapping our man out of his reverie. He quickly puts on a chauffeur’s hat and hustles to hold open the front door. It’s only then we see the man behind the wheel – the actual owner of the car. A young executive who enjoys the drive so much that he prefers to take the wheel, rather than sit in the comfort of the rear seat. 

Smetacek notes that the TVC will be supported by online and radio campaigns in the coming weeks. “We launched the TVC in mid-October, and following an aggressive campaign after Diwali, we will begin the second phase of the campaign which will focus on consumer engagement through an online campaign.” 

Users will be urged to upload their versions of the jingle on a website created for the campaign - Lifeisforliving.in, which will be up in a few days. Print and radio will also be used to promote the brand as well as the website. 



Client: Tata Motors

Brand: Indigo Manza

Agency: Draftfcb + Ulka

National Creative Director: KS Chakravarthy

Creative Director: Kartik Smetacek

Art Directors: Deven Mankame and Rajdatta Ranade

Producers: Keroscene films

Director: Rajesh Saathi

Campaign India